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Data Science und Machine Learning
Heidelberg, Print Media Academy, 25.-27. September 2018

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Apache Spark Streaming at the core of IoT – a demo

This presentation will show you a practical example of building an Apache Spark Streaming application. I will first give a quick overview of Apache Spark and its architecture and different components that comprise Spark's rich API, with special emphasis on Spark Streaming and how it can help you in your IoT projects.

In the second part, I will show you the steps required to integrate a Spark Streaming application with Apache Kafka and to aggregate event metrics. Then you will also see an example Java web application that reads those aggregated metrics and pushes them to client browsers using websockets. The clients display the metrics on a live dashboard.

Some Java/Scala programming experience is desirable.

Show that Apache Spark Streaming is a perfect fit for an IoT project implementation.

// Petar Zecevic Petar Zecevic

has been working in the software industry for more than 15 years, as a full-stack developer, consultant, analyst, and team leader. Petar is author of "Spark in Action" book (Manning, September 2016). He also gives talks on Apache Spark and organizes monthly Apache Spark Zagreb meetups.