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Keynote: State of Data Mesh

It's been quite a few years since Data Mesh was first introduced as a paradigm to help organisations manage complexity of scale in their data ecosystem. Since the introduction of the term there has been a lot of talk about it, various implementations and also fresh new challenges on how to apply data mesh.

This talk will look back at the history and inception of the idea, understanding about its adoption, the trends and feedback, current state of tools and technologies and finally discuss where it may be headed in the next few years.



Syed Atif Akhtar
Syed Atif Akhtar works as a data consultant and practitioner at Thoughtworks, helping shape and move many organizations on their journey towards implementing data mesh transformations. He has over a decade of industry experience building self service infrastructure platforms and a strong expertise in implementing big data solutions. He also likes to discuss about the intersection of technology and social challenges that many organisations face.


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