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Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is closed.

The nineth data2day conference is to be held September 20th and 21st 2022. The event is dedicated to Data Scientists, Data Engineers und Data Teams. It will focus on fundamental knowledge as well as experiences from practical work and present the most important theories, tools, and technologies Data Teams need to proceed on their way towards the data-driven company.

Three partners in the field of computing/IT have teamed up to host the conference: heise Developer, the online channel for software development; dpunkt.verlag, publisher of reference books for the professional computing scene; and iX, the magazine for professional information technology. The hosts invite you to submit your proposals on one or more of the following topics by May 9, 2022:

Data Skills

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Quality: Correct and reliable data
  • Programming Languages (Python, R…)
  • Data Modelling
  • ETL vs ELT
  • Streaming Data
  • Metadatamanagement
  • Test-Tools und -Frameworks for Data-Pipelines
  • Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Image and Speech Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Anbindung an Big-Data-Systeme wie Apache Spark
  • ML Libraries and Frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, pandas...)
  • Databases: SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, In-Memory, GraphDB etc.
  • Data Visualization

Data Teams

  • Data Teams: Onboarding and Management
  • Data Science is Team Work
  • Processes and Models (Data Canvas, Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) CRISP-DM, Data Science Process Model DASC-PM…)
  • Automation: DataOps - MLOps - GitOps
  • How to design a perfect Data Architecture?
  • Data Warehouse – Data Lake – Data Mesh
  • Data-driven Product Development

Data Company

  • How to become a Data-driven Company?
  • Data Literacy: How to integrate Domain Experts and Data Teams?
  • Lessons Learned from ongoing and finished Projects
  • Data Privacy, Data Ethics and Explainable AI
  • How to break up Data Silos?
  • Compliance and Governance

The emphasis will be on hands-on introductions, conceptual decisions, live demos, or comparison of different techniques. Presentations that are based solely on promoting a product will not be allowed.

Please indicate your preference for a regular presentation lasting up to 45 minutes or for a long session of up to 75 minutes. Tutorials have been scheduled for full days (6-7 hours). Please send a target-group-specific abstract (400–700 characters) of your proposed presentation. Supplementary materials (long abstracts, slides, Proposals, etc.) are also welcome.

The deadline for submissions is May 9th, 2022. The complete schedule will be available online by mid June.

Find the members of the conference board here.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding the conference or schedule of events events@dpunkt.de




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