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The Rise of Data Contracts

If you’ve worked in computer science, mathematics, or data for any amount of time you have probably heard the phrase, "Garbage In, Garbage Out" (GIGO). GIGO refers to the idea that the quality of an output is determined by the quality of its inputs. It’s my favorite type of phrase: Simple and self-evident.

This holds especially true for data systems, data platforms, and data warehouses, that integrate a variety of data from different sources, and are feeding a variety of downstream tools and products. And way too often changes on the input side lead to unforeseen negative impact on the output side. So how to prevent GIGO from happening?

Data Contracts are API-like agreements between Software Engineers who own services and Data Consumers that understand how the business works in order to generate well-modeled, high-quality, trusted, real-time data.

My belief is that Data Contracts are the key to building a production-grade Data Warehouse and breaking the silo between data producers and data consumers. But what exactly is a data contract and why would you need one? In this talk we will be exploring the current the state of the world, and how to get to a better place.



Chad Sanderson
Chad Sanderson is the CEO & Co-Founder of Gable, a collaboration, communication, and change management platform for data teams operating at scale. He is passionate about data quality, and fixing the muddy relationship between data producers and consumers. Chad lives in Seattle, Washington, and is the Chief Operator of the Data Quality Camp.




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