data2day 2014

Tools und Methoden für Big, Smart und Fast Data | Karlsruhe, IHK, 26.-28. November 2014

Tools und Methoden für
Big, Smart und Fast Data
Karlsruhe, IHK, 26.-28. November 2014

Call for Papers

The deadline for papers has expired.

The first data2day conference is to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from November 26–28, 2014. The event will focus on the whole range of topics associated with Big, Smart und Fast Data technologies.

It aims to present fundamental knowledge as well as experiences from practical work and informs about the most important theories, tools, and technologies when it comes to making the most out of mass data in business.

We expect participants such as software developers and architects, system and network administrators, business intelligence and data warehousing experts, data architects, enterprise data strategists, data analysts and data scientists, data protection and data security officials.

Three partners in the field of computing/IT have teamed up to host the conference: heise Developer, the online channel for software development; dpunkt.verlag, publisher of reference books for the professional computing scene; and iX, the magazine for professional information technology.

The hosts invite you to submit your proposals on one or more of the following topics:

Concepts and Implementations

  • Smart Data: intelligent creation of value for Big Data
  • Fast Data: design and setup technologies needed to extract data in a fast and efficient way
  • Secure Data: methods and strategies to protect business data, strategies for cases of emergency
  • Blueprints for Big Data architectures
  • Data Hub/Data Lake
  • Distinctions between classica Data Warehousing and new approaches
  • Adjusted and new job descriptions
  • Data protection and other legal aspects


  • Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem, distributions and other platforms, frameworks, and tools for analysis of structured and unstructured measured data
  • Technologies for full-text and real-time search
  • Established programming languages for analyzing, processing and transfering data, query languages
  • NoSQL and NewSQL Stores
  • In-Memory databases
  • In-Memory-Computation Grids
  • Event-Processing systems
  • Free versus commercial tools

The emphasis will be on hands-on introductions, conceptual decisions, live demos, or comparison of different techniques. Presentations that are based solely on promoting a product will not be allowed.

Lessons learned

  • Ongoing and completed projects that have implemented Big Data and similar approaches
  • Extending classic data warehouse and business intelligence approaches
  • Migrating classic data warehouse and business intelligence projects to Big Data & Co.
  • Use cases that have led to measurable improvements in business through data analysis
  • Use of Tools for modern data-centered applications (presented in the context of specific areas of application and usage scenarios)
  • Interaction and integration of different tools

Please indicate your preference for a presentation lasting up to 90 minutes or for a short session of up to 40 minutes. Tutorials have been scheduled for full days (6 hours).

Please send a target-group-specific abstract (400–700 characters) of your proposed presentation. Supplementary materials (long abstracts, slides, papers, etc.) are also welcome.

The deadline for submissions is June 10, 2014. The complete schedule will be available online in July.

Conference board members are: Pavlo Baron (codecentric), Mikio Braun (streamdrill), Klaas Bollhöfer (The unbelievable Machine Company), Bernd Fondermann (independent expert), Uwe Haneke (Hochschule Karlsruhe), Alexander Neumann (heise Developer), and René Schönfeldt (dpunkt.verlag).

Please contact us with questions regarding the conference or the schedule of events: