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From Siloed to Seamless – The Cloud Data Journey [Sponsored Talk]

European companies are embarking on their journey to cloud, aiming for lowered costs and increased customer value. A spectrum of capabilities and practices supports an agile and permanent reinvention. To avoid common pitfalls, there is one fundamental core along the Cloud Continuum: Your Data!

On the maturity curve along the cloud data journey, companies aim to achieve three milestones on an evolutionary path to grow. The first step is to establish Observability, which enables full end-to-end transparency across all hybrid/multi-cloud environments. Once this full-stack visibility is established, AIOps is introduced, which leverages AI and automation by shifting the paradigm from reactive to predictive. At this point, organizations are ready to finally exploit all data for a Data-to-Everything-Platform.


  • Basic knowledge around cloud concepts is recommended (Hybrid/Multi-Cloud environments)
  • Basic knowledge in AI/ML/Automation is helpful
  • Basic understanding of SRE concepts is recommended (SLO, SLI, error budget, etc.)


  • Understanding the most common pitfalls and best practices in managing your data on the path to the Cloud Data Journey
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts around AIOps and Observability (definitions, principles, use cases)



Brian Berg
Brian Berg is a strategic advisor for international top management with expertise from 100+ strategy consulting projects within the Communications, High Tech and Software industry. As part of the senior leadership for Accenture in the Central European region, he is especially responsible for building up ecosystem partnerships around data and artificial intelligence and managing a hypergrowth Data & AI Business Group for EMEA.

Michele Dodic
Michele Dodic is an SRE DevOps Specialist and Consultant at Accenture, where he is currently engaging with customers across EMEA in order to help them adopt Observability and AIOps practices. Aside from implementing novel technical solutions and POCs, Michele is a lead member of several DevOps communities, where he is predominantly focusing on SRE-related offerings, with the goal of promoting SRE principles, practices and culture.


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