Konferenz für Big Data,
Data Science und Machine Learning
Heidelberg, Print Media Academy, 26.-29. September 2017

The Accountability Principles of GDPR: use Data Science Governance as an Anxiolytic for Data Scientists and Officers

In this talk, Andy will talk about data science in its general scope, and consider it as activities on data. The complexity of the data world of today is requiring data teams to gain yet another level in governance, leading to the concept of Data Science Governance.

The second half of the talk will explain how Data Science Governance can be achieved conceptually and why it is required to cover the accountability principles, newly introduced by GDPR.

We'll close the talk by linking GDPR, Data Science Governance, Continuous integration together to become the long-waited anxiolytic for data citizens.

Understanding what is a data processing in general terms, like why we read a database, why we have to compute and create new data, how the final results are generally by the business, what it means to help decision-making processes based on data.

This talk aims to explain the underlying requirement of what needs enterprises of today relying on data to keep on doing their business efficiently without fearing the regulations that are popping all over the places, but especially the latest: the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.
The goal is really to show that GDPR can be thought as an opportunity to understand better what we are doing with the data, in real time and how to leverage this new knowledge into added value for the teams, managers, business and officers.
The talk is going deep in the concept of what is needed to approach Data Science Governance with the continuous integration angle, however, the technology aspect will not be covered in order to keep the concepts as agnostic as possible to be assimilated by the whole audience with much prerequisites.

// Andy Petrella Andy Petrella

has a background in maths, computer science and biased shamelessly towards entrepreneurship. He has always been obsessed by meta-information and their conversion into added-value for both the systems and the teams. In 2015, Andy founded Kensu with Xavier Tordoir to build a Data Science Governance solution, Adalog, that centralizes all data activities happening across all tools in use. Adalog is adopted by enterprises to automate the creation of a global process registry necessary to comply with regulations, like GDPR, but also to improve the efficiency and productivity of their teams. Andy is also known as the creator of the Spark Notebook and his work with O'Reilly.